Living on Campus

The community-like Campus at Nyenrode Business Universiteit can be found on the centuries-old Nijenrode estate. According to our students, living on Campus and the intensive nature of the programs that Nyenrode offers often lead to the development of close friendships and enable them to network for life after university.


The student accommodation on Campus is situated close to the lecture rooms and the various facilities make the campus a comfortable place to live, work and relax. For example, various areas have been set aside for project and group work, there is a living room (alcohol-free), the Mensa restaurant, a launderette, a communal outdoor kitchen with a barbecue and various sports facilities and playing fields.

The Campus consists of five buildings, all named after individuals who have been important for Nyenrode: Postma, Weijer, Kuneman, Klaasesz and Philips (consisting of Roeterink I, Riemsdijk, Otten and Roeterink II). These buildings have a total of 295 rooms. A number of different room types are available:
– unfurnished without a kitchenette (18-30 m2)
– furnished without a kitchenette (25-30 m2)
– furnished with a kitchenette (25-30 m2)

Facilities in rooms

Each room has a bathroom with a toilet, washbasin and shower. Rooms can be rented to one or two students. Please indicate your preferences on the registration form.

Room allocation

The Business Support Department, which is part of Hospitality & Services, is responsible for room allocation and manages tenancy agreements. Rooms are allocated to on a first come first served basis. If the type of room that a student wants is not available, a similar type of room will be allocated. If you have specific room-related wishes as a result of your health or physical condition, please feel free to contact the Business Support Department personally. We will then work with you to establish the most appropriate solution for your particular needs.