VERMAAT has been developing itself since 1978 from a delicatessen shop into a leading company in hospitality, working out of passion and pride. VERMAAT develops customized catering and retail concepts for the most diverse branches. The company also has its own catering venues. With a no-nonsense mentality, a social approach and focus on continuity, VERMAAT has a solid foundation, which is used to enter the dynamic world open-minded. But in the end, the company works out of passion and pride, which drives VERMAAT to be the best every day. VERMAAT’s mission is to let people enjoy eating and drinking together. To do so, the company works with tasteful and delicious products, positive and knowledgeable staff and an inspiring and contemporary interior. And to ensure continuity, all of this is done by taking the environment into account.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit & VERMAAT

We understand that you need energy to learn and achieve. Getting the most out of your day requires energy. Good food and drinks fuel you. The hospitality services at Nyenrode Business University – in collaboration with hospitality partner VERMAAT – focuses on vitality and sustainability, under the name: Balanced People. Most of the offer contains of healthy food items. In addition, VERMAAT collaborates with local and sustainable suppliers and actively fights food waste. By enjoying food and beverages at Nyenrode Business University, you invest in yourself and the world around you.

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