Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I invite a guest speaker from Nyenrode to speak at my event?

A: This option is certainly available; for more information please get in touch with our Events & Sales department.

Q: How can I request an offer?

A: Please fill out the application form and return it to us online. We will check whether your application is not in conflict with and/or in breach of Nyenrode Business University’s vision. If not, we will send you an offer. If you have a specific request please get in touch with us >. We will gladly be of assistance to offer advice on every aspect of your event.

Q: What are the general terms and conditions?

A: When your event request is approved by our advisory committee we will send you an offer. Upon request we would also send you our general terms and conditions as well.

Q: How can I change or cancel my booking?

A: Please contact your event coordinator at Nyenrode. In any case cancellations or changes of a booking at Nyenrode must be made in writing. We won’t regard a booking as cancelled until a written notice is received.

Q: Is your question still unanswered?

A: Please call +31 346 291211 or send an email to