About Breukelen

Breukelen is a town that is situated between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It has a population of more than 14,500. To the west of Breukelen is a beautiful polder landscape, surrounded by the Vecht river and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. The area around Breukelen also boasts a number of castles – one of which is Nijenrode – situated strategically on the banks of the Vecht river. Many, many years ago, the Romans used this river to transport goods and raw materials to and from the sea. Today, the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal is one of Europe’s most important distribution routes.

Shops and hospitality establishments

Breukelen has a number of shops, most of which are concentrated around the Kerkbrink town square; this is known as the Brink for short. In the northern part of the town, students will find De Passage, a small covered shopping centre with a variety of food and non-food shops. The town also has a number of small clothes shops, a stationer’s, bank, supermarket, shoemaker, butcher, off-licence, tobacconist, chemist’s, hairdresser and snack bar.

Anyone wanting bigger shops or just a day out will find that Amsterdam and Utrecht are close at hand. Both cities are just half an hour away thanks to the excellent public transport connections on offer in Breukelen.