Nyenrode is pleased to be able to offer visitors to the estate overnight accommodation. There are 99 …

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Nyenrode Hospitality

At Nyenrode Hospitality & Services, we are committed to providing a welcoming ambiance and we are dedicated to our guests

Just outside Breukelen —a village on the River Vecht — and only a stone’s throw from Amsterdam and Utrecht, lies the enchanting estate of Landgoed Nijenrode with its thirteenth-century castle. Landgoed Nijenrode is famous for its beautiful landscaping and numerous historical buildings.

Nowadays, Landgoed Nijenrode is the unique backdrop for working, teaching and studying at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Founded in 1946, this university is the only private university in the Netherlands. ‘For and by business’ has been the university motto from the very beginning.

The historical and cultural heritage fits in seamlessly with the University’s dynamic and inspirational nature. Its wide range of venues offers many opportunities for meetings, debates and relaxation.

The elegant halls and rooms in the Kasteel and Koetshuis, the modern meeting rooms and lecture halls in the University buildings and De 3 Fontyne, a former residence of the university rectors, are all extremely suitable for meeting, receptions, events and parties.
With a choice of 99 hotel rooms, the à la carte restaurant De Lakei, a cozy hotel bar, the student refectory Mensa, and various executive lounges, we can accommodate all kinds of social gatherings.

Landgoed Nijenrode is an official wedding location too. Options include the Kasteel (castle), Koetshuis (coach house) and the Rose Garden.

Hospitality & Services

Here at Nyenrode Business Universiteit’s hospitality and facilities services department, we want to offer customized solutions for our students, participants, guests and staff. We help create a top-notch environment for education and research. At Nyenrode Hospitality & Services, we are committed to providing a welcoming ambiance and we are dedicated to our guests.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode Hospitality & Services is a division of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. For more information about Nyenrode, the course programs and life-long learning vision, please visit the Nyenrode website (

Food & Drink

Food & Drink is an integral part of the courses and programs at Nyenrode and needless to say, Vermaat, our catering partner provides a range of high quality, fashionable food and beverages. Vermaat only uses high grade products, preferably produced sustainably and locally. Good food and drink has an effect on the students’ and participants’ wellbeing and contributes to the impression guests and students acquire of Nyenrode when visiting.